Our super specialists assist you as trustees to ensure compliance with superannuation law. This includes helping with:

  • Preparing year-end financial statements for your fund
  • Preparing and lodging the annual income tax and regulatory return for your fund
  • Arranging for the annual independent audit of the fund by an ASIC registered SMSF auditor
  • Preparing and reviewing trustee minutes and the investment strategy of your fund
  • Ensuring contributions and benefit payments are made in accordance with the relevant laws
  • Payment of death benefits and winding up of the fund
  • Corresponding with the Australian Taxation Office when required
  • Assisting with fund contributions and rollovers from other funds

Our specialists are backed by super fund administration software from Australia’s leading provider, ensuring fund administration and compliance is handled efficiently and accurately, including the automatic processing of fund transactions including bank data, dividend and unlisted trust transactions and more.


Investment strategies for super fund assets are developed in conjunction with Affinia Financial Advisers Limited, a Financial Services Licence holder with a network of more than 400 financial advisors around Australia and in excess of $10 billion in funds under management.

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