Assist you with all aspects in starting up a new business by:

  • Establishing the financial viability of the business to ensure it will improve your financial position.
  • Identifying business funding requirements, working capital and the optimum source of loans.
  • Advising on the most suitable business structure, assisting in structure set up and attending to all necessary registrations such as business name, TFN, ABN, GST, PAYG, Work Cover, and superannuation.
  • Planning for future tax liabilities to avoid cash flow shortages.
  • Advising on record keeping requirements and options available for manual and computer based systems
  • Ensuring your business start-up is smooth, hassle free and successful so you can focus on the running of your new business and its growth.



Advising on all aspects of the business purchase process by:

  • Determining the level of business profit you need to make to ensure investment in the business is financially worthwhile and a sound decision
  • Reviewing business information provided by the vendor to determine whether the business is worth purchasing
  • Establishing what is a reasonable price for you to pay for the business given its past trading performance and future expected profitability with you as the owner
  • Advising on the apportionment of the business purchase price between stock, plant & equipment and goodwill to maximise your income tax and capital gains tax position
  • Advising on all aspects of GST as it applies to the business and your GST obligations
  • Using our vast experience to ensure you avoid the many possible pitfalls in purchasing a business



Assisting you achieve the maximum price you can on the sale of your business by:

  • Advising on the best way to present your business for sale and the must do steps to take
  • Valuing your business to determine what its market value is (which may differ from the asking price)
  • Advising on matters to be included in the sale contract
  • Advising on the apportionment of the sale proceeds between stock, plant & equipment to maximise your income tax, GST and capital gains tax position
  • Structuring the sale to ensure GST is not required to be paid
  • Advising on capital gains tax including the small business capital gains tax concessions to ensure the minimum or no capital gains tax is paid

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